Friday, September 9, 2011

  Lawnscaping Blog Hop                                                                                   

I spent most of today blog hopping (I'm not sure if one P or two)  I'm not sure how I got to it - somehow from one of my  stamp feeds.  It look interesting so I decide to do the hop.  I didn't imagine it would take me most of the day.  44 blogs are a lot to visit.  Even spending less than 10 minutes on each takes a long time.  I did mark the ones I want to go back to and take longer look.  The hop was sponsored by Lawn Fawn  and Mold Muse .  I tried creating buttons for these URLs but I'm doing something wrong I guess.  Only two of the blogs mentioned the molds.  I'm really interested in them because they are great and I can use them for PMC.  I will be spending a lot more time at Mold Muse.  Well I better sign off and get something accomplished before I go to bed.   ps  I really enjoyed these websites and the hop goes on thru Sun 9/11 and prizes are given to randomly selected  people who post comments.  Good Night