Friday, September 9, 2011

  Lawnscaping Blog Hop                                                                                   

I spent most of today blog hopping (I'm not sure if one P or two)  I'm not sure how I got to it - somehow from one of my  stamp feeds.  It look interesting so I decide to do the hop.  I didn't imagine it would take me most of the day.  44 blogs are a lot to visit.  Even spending less than 10 minutes on each takes a long time.  I did mark the ones I want to go back to and take longer look.  The hop was sponsored by Lawn Fawn  and Mold Muse .  I tried creating buttons for these URLs but I'm doing something wrong I guess.  Only two of the blogs mentioned the molds.  I'm really interested in them because they are great and I can use them for PMC.  I will be spending a lot more time at Mold Muse.  Well I better sign off and get something accomplished before I go to bed.   ps  I really enjoyed these websites and the hop goes on thru Sun 9/11 and prizes are given to randomly selected  people who post comments.  Good Night

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  1. Hello, blog hops are fun, even though time consuming, but they are great for inspiration! The Mold Muse moulds are FAB! If you can get some then do, you will have fun with them. To do a link in blogger when you are in your draft post if you highlight the words you want to link, i.e. Lawnscaping, then go to the top of the post you will see a tab called 'link', click on that and another box will open up for you. Enter the link in there and ta da, all done! :)